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Publikationer vid Zoologiska institutionen, 2019


Muhammad Azeem, Tariq Zaman, Muhammad Tahir, Abdullah Haris, Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Binyameen, Abdul Nazir, Sarfraz Ali Shad, Shahid Majeed, Raimondas Mozuraitis. 2019. Chemical composition and repellent activity of native plants essential against dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti. Industrial crops and products (Print) 140.

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Sara Kurland, Christopher W. Wheat, Maria de la Paz Celorio Mancera, Verena E. Kutschera, Jason Hill, Anastasia Andersson, Carl-Johan Rubin, Leif Andersson, Nils Ryman, Linda Laikre. 2019. Exploring a Pool-seq-only approach for gaining population genomic insights in nonmodel species. Ecology and Evolution 9: 11448-11463.

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Daniel Marquina, Rodrigo Esparza-Salas, Tomas Roslin, Fredrik Ronquist. 2019. Establishing arthropod community composition using metabarcoding - Surprising inconsistencies between soil samples and preservative ethanol and homogenate from Malaise trap catches. Molecular Ecology Resources 19: 1516-1530.

Maider Iglesias-Carrasco, Rebecca J. Fox, Regina Vega-Trejo, Michael D. Jennions, Megan L. Head. 2019. An experimental test for body size-dependent effects of male harassment and an elevated copulation rate on female lifetime fecundity and offspring performance. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 32: 1262-1273.

Noora Poikela, Johanna Kinnunen, Mareike Wurdack, Hannele Kauranen, Thomas Schmitt, Maaria Kankare, Rhonda R. Snook, Anneli Hoikkala. 2019. Strength of sexual and postmating prezygotic barriers varies between sympatric populations with different histories and species abundances. Evolution 73: 1182-1199.

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Malin Hasselgren, Karin Norén. 2019. Inbreeding in natural mammal populations - historical perspectives and future challenges. Mammal Review 49: 369-383.

Christina Hansen Wheat, Wouter van der Bijl, Hans Temrin. 2019. Dogs, but Not Wolves, Lose Their Sensitivity Toward Novelty With Age. Frontiers in Psychology 10.

Ciaran Gilchrist, Rike Stelkens. 2019. Aneuploidy in yeast - Segregation error or adaptation mechanism? Yeast 36: 525-539.

Amy Rowley, Lisa Locatello, Ariel Kahrl, Mariana Rego, Annika Boussard, Eduardo Garza-Gisholt, Ryan M. Kempster, Shaun P. Collin, Eva Giacomello, Maria C. Follesa, Cristina Porcu, Jonathan P. Evans, Fabio Hazin, Francisco Garcia-Gonzalez, Toby Daly-Engel, Carlotta Mazzoldi, John L. Fitzpatrick. 2019. Sexual selection and the evolution of sperm morphology in sharks. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Venkat Talla, Anna Johansson, Vlad Dincă, Roger Vila, Magne Friberg, Christer Wiklund, Niclas Backström. 2019. Lack of gene flow - Narrow and dispersed differentiation islands in a triplet of Leptidea butterfly species. Molecular Ecology 28: 3756-3770.

Lucie Marhounová, Alexander Kotrschal, Kristina Kverková, Niclas Kolm, Pavel Nemec. 2019. Artificial selection on brain size leads to matching changes in overall number of neurons. Evolution.

Paula Machín, Juan Fernández-Elipe, Johannes Hungar, Anders Angerbjörn, Raymond H. G. Klaassen, José Aguirre. 2019. The role of ecological and environmental conditions on the nesting success of waders in sub-Arctic Sweden. Polar Biology 42: 1571-1579.

Aigi Margus, Saija Piiroinen, Philipp Lehmann, Santtu Tikka, Juha Karvanen, Leena Lindström. 2019. Sublethal Pyrethroid Insecticide Exposure Carries Positive Fitness Effects Over Generations in a Pest Insect. Scientific Reports 9.

Malin Tverin, Melissa Westberg, Iiris Kokkonen, Patrik Tang, Philipp Lehmann, Karl Lundström, Reijo Käkelä. 2019. Factors affecting the degree of vertical stratification of fatty acids in grey seal blubber. Marine Biology 166.

Chun Hua Huang, Mao Jun Zhong, Wen Bo Liao, Alexander Kotrschal. 2019. Investigating the role of body size, ecology, and behavior in anuran eye size evolution. Evolutionary Ecology 33: 585-598.

Magne Friberg, Christer Wiklund. 2019. Host preference variation cannot explain microhabitat differentiation among sympatric Pieris napi and Pieris rapae butterflies. Ecological Entomology 44: 571-576.

Sami M. Kivelä, Karl Gotthard, Philipp Lehmann. 2019. Developmental plasticity in metabolism but not in energy reserve accumulation in a seasonally polyphenic butterfly. Journal of Experimental Biology 222.

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Jeanette Stålstedt, Joanna Łaydanowicz, Pekka T. Lehtinen, Johannes Bergsten, Joanna Mąkol. 2019. Checklist of terrestrial Parasitengona mites in Fennoscandia with new species- and distribution records (Acariformes: Prostigmata). Biodiversity Data Journal 7.

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David Wilby, Tobio Aarts, Pierre Tichit, Andrew Bodey, Christoph Rau, Gavin Taylor, Emily Baird. 2019. Using micro-CT techniques to explore the role of sex and hair in the functional morphology of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) ocelli. Vision Research 158: 100-108.

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Övrigt vetenskapligt

George Sangster. 2019. Evidence for two likely cases of scientific misconduct - plagiarism of complete mitochondrial DNA sequences of a bird and a fish.

George Sangster. 2019. Evidence for two likely cases of scientific misconduct in avian phylogenetics - fabrication of false phylogenies.

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Rasmus Erlandsson. 2019. Spatial and temporal population dynamics in the mountain tundra – mesopredator and prey. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

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