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John Fitzpatrick

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Svante Arrhenius väg 18b
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Stockholms universitet
Zoologiska institutionen: Etologi
106 91 Stockholm


I am an evolutionary biologist who specializes in studying sexual selection and the evolution of reproductive behaviours and traits. Research in my lab takes an interdisciplinary approach and investigates male-male competition before and after mating, the evolution of sexual weapons, female mate choice, trade-offs and co-evolutionary dynamics.

My research is both field and lab based and combines tightly controlled experiments with phylogenetic comparative analyses. But generally I prefer to mix these approaches depending on the research question being asked.



Females mate with multiple males in most animal species, which has important evolutionary consequences. We are using phylogenetic comparative analyses to explore how variation in female promiscuity influences the evolution of male sexual behaviours and traits. This work focuses on sharks, rays, Tanganyikan cichlids, and fishes generally, social insects, marine mammals, and mammals generally. We are currently exploring how co-evolutionary dynamics between males and females influence the evolution of testes, sperm, genitals and female remating rates.


When it comes to sex you can’t have it all. Animals must balance their investment in behaviours and traits important before and after mating. My lab tries to understand how animals balance the competing demands of sex by exploring macro-evolutionary patterns across a wide range of taxonomic groups and experimentally using guppies and crickets.


Not all males use the same behaviours to reproduce. In some species, larger males court and guard females to secure fertilizations, while other smaller sneaker males perform sneaky fertilizations. Research in my lab examines the reproductive consequences of these different mating behaviours, focusing on African cichlids, freshwater gobies and intertidal marine fish.


We have projects available studying trade-offs in sexually selected behaviorus and traits in halfbeak fish, as well as a broad range of comparative studies focusing on sexual selection. If you are interested in joining my lab at the Masters, PhD or Post-doc level please send me an email explaining your research interests.


2014-Present: Editor for Behavioral Ecology
2011-2015: Board of Reviewing Editors for Journal of Evolutionary Biology


You can find a full list of my publications here:
Fitzpatrick GoogleScholar



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Christina Hansen Wheat, John Fitzpatrick, Ingrid Tapper, Hans Temrin. Wolf (Canis lupus) hybrids highlight the importance of human-directed play behavior during domestication of dogs (Canis familiaris).

Christina Hansen Wheat, John Fitzpatrick, Hans Temrin. Behavioural correlations of the domestication syndrome are decoupled in modern dog breeds.