Functional zoomorphology

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Functional zoomorphology

Neuropeptides and endocrine regulations in the water flea Daphnia

We study neuroanatomy and neurosecretory neurons in water fleas Daphnia to understand the physiological basis of impacts of chemical substances in human-borne water pollutants that affect growth and reproduction in a keystone organism in aquatic ecosystems and one of the most important test organisms in ecotoxicology.

Other research areas

  • Neuroendokrinologi
  • Neuropeptider i insekters nervsystem
  • Reproductive fysiologi hos fiskar

Our latest publications

Md Habibur R. Salman, Folco Giomi, Mathieu Laparie, Philipp Lehmann, Andrea Pitacco, Andrea Battisti. 2019. Termination of pupal diapause in the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa. Physiological entomology (Print) 44: 53-59.

Basil el Jundi, Emily Baird, Marcus J. Byrne, Marie Dacke. 2019. The brain behind straight-line orientation in dung beetles. Journal of Experimental Biology 222.

Philipp Lehmann, Marion Javal, John S. Terblanche. 2019. Oxygen limitation is not the cause of death during lethal heat exposure in an insect. Biology Letters 15.

Miia J. Rainio, Aigi Margus, Philipp Lehmann, Marjo Helander, Leena Lindstrom. 2019. Effects of a glyphosate-based herbicide on survival and oxidative status of a non-target herbivore, the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decenilineata). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part C 215: 47-55.

Meet Zandawala, Maria E. Yurgel, Michael J. Texada, Sifang Liao, Kim F. Rewitz, Alex C. Keene, Dick R. Nässel. 2018. Modulation of Drosophila post-feeding physiology and behavior by the neuropeptide leucokinin. PLoS Genetics 14.

Megan Brooke-Jones, Martina Gáliková, Heinrich Dircksen. 2018. Cyanobacterial Neurotoxin Beta-Methyl-Amino-l-Alanine Affects Dopaminergic Neurons in Optic Ganglia and Brain of Daphnia magna. Toxins 10.


Head of division: Mikael Carlsson

Staff: Functional zoomorphology

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