Words of memory from Anders Telenius, Oikos

Less than a week ago, many Swedish ecologists received with dismay the announcement that Professor Birgitta Tullberg had suddenly passed away. The loss of one of Sweden's foremost researchers at the interface between evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology and human behaviour weighs heavily on all of us. The Swedish association Oikos mourns the loss of the quick-witted and charismatic Birgitta not only for herself, but also for her role as an important link in the chain of successful scientists and ambassadors for our science. She exhibited an unusually wide breadth in her choice of study objects and research questions, which including ecological, evolutionary and phylogenetic studies of taxa as various as insects and their host plants, birds, and mammals (including humans). She managed to combine a very elegant and urbane image with a great ability to conduct field and laboratory activities, and was also successful as an administrator at Stockholm University where, at the time of her passing (and occasionally in the past as well), she acted as head of the department.

Besides her work at the Zoological Institute at Stockholm University, Birgitta Tullberg was active for a long time as a faithful and engaged participant in, and organizer of, Oikos conferences, meetings and other activities. She also participated in the work of the Society board - especially during the past decade as our current representative within the Nordic Association Oikos. The empty space in our hearts Birgitta leaves behind may eventually be filled by generations of new ecologists, but can of course never completely heal for her husband and two grown children.

- Anders Telenius