Sören Nylin

Professor, Ecology

Department of Zoology
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm



Background and career

I was born in Sundsvall, Sweden, in 1959. I moved to Stockholm in 1979 to study Biology at Stockholm University. I graduated (equivalent to MSc) in Science Education in 1985 and in Biology in 1986. I then became a PhD student at the Department of Zoology under the supervision of Christer Wiklund, and in 1991 I presented my thesis Butterfly Life History Adaptations in Seasonal Environments. Later the same year I received a research grant from the Swedish Research Council (then NFR) and could create a temporary Assistant Professor position for myself. In 1993 I earned the title of Docent, in 1998 I received a permanent Lecturer/Associate Professor position, and in 2002 I was promoted to Professor. In 2005 I became Vice Head of the Department of Zoology, and 2008-2013 I served as Head of Department. From January 1 2015 I serve as Dean of the Biology Section of the Faculty of Science.

Teaching and supervision: During the period 1988-1995 I did extensive undergraduate teaching, including several course leaderships in e.g. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and organization of several new courses. Between 1995 and 2007 I acted as coordinator for PhD student courses in Ecology, Ethology and Evolution, appointed by the Section of Biology, and 2003-2007 also as leader of the Research School "Ecology, Biodiversity and the Environment". For this reason I did most of my teaching 1996-2007 at the PhD level (Introduction to research studies, Writing scientific papers, Philosophy of Science, Evolutionary Biology etc). I still give yearly lectures and courses on the practical and philosophical aspects of Science. I have supervised eight finished PhD students  (Karl Gotthard 1993-1999, Niklas Janz 1993-1999, Anders Bergström 1999-2005, Georg H. Nygren 2000-2005, Elisabet Weingartner 2001-2008, Dan Wilhelmsson 2003-2009, Matthias H. Andersson 2008-2011, Lina Söderlind 2007-2012) and have hosted several post docs, including Jack Windig, Niklas Wahlberg and Ulassa Kodandaramaiah.

Collegial assignments: I was a member of the Editorial Board for Ecology 2001-2004, member of the Council of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) 2005-2009, International Vice President of the Lepidopterist's Society 2009-2010 and Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 2010-2017.   


Research interests

I collaborate with Niklas Janz's group studying insect-plant relationships in a subproject of my broader series of projects on insect phenotypic plasticity, exploring the considerable environmental effects that the host plants have on the fitness of insects and potential links to speciation. My latest personal research project (2016-2019) is "What is host range?”, funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR). In my research as a whole I strive for a synthesis between the host plant work and the other subprojects, which deal with areas such as effects of temperature and photoperiod on insect life histories and life cycles, connections to sexual selection, and the effects of phenotypic plasticity on speciation and extinction processes. Phylogenetic analysis is an important tool for such questions, and for this reason I am also very interested in butterfly and moth systematics, an area in which I collaborate with Niklas Wahlberg. I'm a firm believer in the strength of combining insights from phylogenetic and experimental studies, and my projects always include both approaches. In recent years I have added a genomics approach, in collaboration with Chris Wheat.

Major research collaborations: I was one of the Principal Investigators on the Stockholm University strategic research programme EkoKlim, on the effects of climate on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and a member of the steering group. In July 2016 this project fused with the Bolin Centre for Climate Research. I am project leader for the cross-biological project “Insect life cycle genomics and adaptation in the wild”, funded by the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation 2013-2017, with additional funding from VR 2013-2016.

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Beskrivning: Comma butterfly

What else?

I'm married to Maria and have two children born 1988 and 1990. My off-work interests include TV shows, film and reading.




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Beskrivning: Comma larva on nettle

Peer-reviewed publications outside of the Natural Sciences

Nylin, S. 2009. Mad, bad scientists and cute, curious magicians: the quest for knowledge in Buffy and the Whedonverse. Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association 28. Download