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Funktionell zoomorfologi

Neuropeptides and endocrine regulations in the water flea Daphnia

We study neuroanatomy and neurosecretory neurons in water fleas Daphnia to understand the physiological basis of impacts of chemical substances in human-borne water pollutants that affect growth and reproduction in a keystone organism in aquatic ecosystems and one of the most important test organisms in ecotoxicology.

Övriga forskningsområden

  • Neuroendokrinologi
  • Neuropeptider i insekters nervsystem
  • Reproductive fysiologi hos fiskar

Våra senaste publikationer

Fredrik Jutfelt, Dominique G. Roche, Timothy D. Clark, Tommy Norin, Sandra A. Binning, Ben Speers-Roesch, Mirjam Amcoff, Rachael Morgan, Anna H. Andreassen, Josefin Sundin. 2019. Brain cooling marginally increases acute upper thermal tolerance in Atlantic cod. Journal of Experimental Biology 222.

Thomas A. Verschut, Mikael A. Carlsson, Peter A. Hambäck. 2019. Scaling the interactive effects of attractive and repellent odours for insect search behaviour. Scientific Reports 9.

Aigi Margus, Saija Piiroinen, Philipp Lehmann, Santtu Tikka, Juha Karvanen, Leena Lindström. 2019. Sublethal Pyrethroid Insecticide Exposure Carries Positive Fitness Effects Over Generations in a Pest Insect. Scientific Reports 9.

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