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Doktorsavhandlingar från Zoologiska institutionen

1906. Nils Holmgren: Studien über südamerikanische Termiten.

1907. Lännart Ribbing: Die distale Armmuskulatur der Amphibien, Reptilien und Säugetiere.

1908. Augusta Ärnbäck-Christie-Linde: Der Bau der Soriciden und ihre Beziehungen zu anderen Säugetieren.

1909. Adolf Pira: Studien zur Geschichte der Schweinerassen insbesonders derjenigen Schwedens.

1910. Walter Kaudern: Studien über die männlichen Geschlechtsorgane von Insectivoren und Lemuriden.

1912. Nils Odhner: Morphologische und phylogenetische Untersuchungen über die Nephridien der Lamellibranchier.

1913. Henrik Strindberg: Embryologische Studien an Insecten.

1914. John Runnström: Etudes sur la morphologie et la physiologie cellulaire du développement de l'oursin.

1918. Olof Hammarsten: Beitrag zur Embryonalentwicklung des Malacobdella grossa.

1920. Bertil Hanström: Zur Kenntnis des centralen Nervensystems der Arachnoiden und Pantopoden.

1921. Axel Palmgren: Embryological and morphological studies on the mid-brain and cerebellum of vertebrates.

1922. Torsten Pehrson: Some points in the cranial development of teleostomian fishes.

Gertie Söderberg: Contributions to the fore-brain morphology in Amphibians.

1924. Kåre Bäckström: Contributions to the fore-brain morphology in Selachians.

Gert Bonnier: Contributions to the knowledge of intra- and inter-specific relationships in Drosophila.

Hialmar Rendahl: Embryologische und morphologische Studien über das Zwischenhirn beim Huhn.

1928. Sven Hörstadius: Über die Determination des Keimes bei Echinodermen.

1932. Harry Bergqvist: Zur Morphologie des Zwischenhirns bei niederen Wirbeltieren.

Gösta Johansson-Kvenne: Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Morphologie und Entwicklung des Gehirns von Limulus polyphemus.

Mois Koffmann: Die Mikrofauna des Bodens, ihr Verhältnis zu anderen Mikroorganismen und ihre Rolle bei den mikrobiologischen Vorgänge im Boden.

1936. Eric Lindahl: Zur Kenntnis der physiologischen Grundlagen der Determination im Seeigelkeim.

1937. Figge Hammarberg: Zur Kenntnis der ontogenetischen Entwicklung des Schädels von Lepisosteus osseus.

Märtha Kindahl: Zur Entwicklung der Exkretionsorgane von Dipnoern und Amphibien.

1942. Egron Vallén: Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Ontogenie und der vergleichenden Anatomie des Schildkrötenpanzers.

1945. Birger Rudebeck: Contribution to fore-brain morphology in Dipnoi.

1948. Gösta Notini: Biologiska undersökningar över grävling.

Alf G. Johnels: On the development and morphology of the skeleton of the head of Petromyzon.

1949. Thorolf Lindström: On the cranial nerves of the cyclostomes with special reference to N. trigeminus.

Bertil Lekander: The sensory line system and the external bones in the head of some Ostariophysi.

1958. Ragnar Olsson: The subcommisural organ.

1959. Gunnar Bertmar: On the ontogeny of the chondral skull in Characidae, with a discussion on the chondrocranial base and the visceral chondrocranium in fishes.

1961. Armin Lindquist: Über die Morphologie und Biologie von Limnocalanus im Ostseebecken.

1963. Gunnar Fridberg: Morphological studies on the caudal neurosecretory system in teleosts and elasmobranchs.

Kjell Engström: Studies on teleostean visual cells.

1964. Valdek Jürisoo: Agro-ecological studies on leafhoppers (Auchenorrhynca, Homoptera) and bugs (Heteroptera) at Ekensgård farm in the province of Hälsingland, Sweden.

1965. Hubertus Eidmann: Ökologische und physiologische Studien über die Lärchen-miniermot (Coleophora laricella HBN).

1968. Bengt-Owe Jansson: Studies on the ecology of the interstitial fauna of marine sandy beaches.

1970. Göran Malmberg: The excretory systems and the marginal hooks as a basis for the systematics of Gyrodactylus (Monogenoa, Trematoda).

Perarvid Skoog: The food of the Swedish badger (Meles meles L.)

Yngve Espmark: Mother-young relations and development of behaviour in roe-deer (Capreolus capreolus L.).

Bo Ingemar Hjort: Reproductive behaviour in Tetraonidae with special reference to males.

Jan Karl Englund: Population dynamics of the Swedish red fox, Vulpes vulpes (L.).

1971. Björn Ganning: Studies on Baltic rockpool ecosystems.

Lars Westin: Studies on the biology and ecology of fourhorn sculpin, Myoxocephalus quadricornis (L.).

Hans Ackefors: Studies on the ecology of the zooplankton fauna in the Baltic proper.

Lars Wilsson: Observations and experiments on the ethology of the European beaver (Castor fiber L.). A study in the development of phylogenetically adapted behaviour in a highly specialized mammal.

1972. Bo Fernholm: Pituitary and ovary of the Atlantic hagfish. An endocrinological investigation.

Anders Bjärvall: Nest-exodus behaviour and nest-site selection of the mallard.

Kaj Holmberg: The retina and responses to light in hagfish.

1973. Björn Sohlenius: Growth, reproduction and population dynamics in some bacterial feeding soil nematodes.

1974. Lars-Olof Hagelin: Studies on the development of the membranous labyrinth in lampreys, Lampetra fluviatilis Linné, Lampetra planeri Bloch and Petromyzon marinus Linné.

Birgitta Weman: The adenohypophysis of the mink, Mustela vison.

AnnMari Jansson: Community structure, modelling and simulation of the Cladophora ecosystem in the Baltic Sea.

Arnold Stenmark: Studies on the pea moth (Laspeyresia nigricana Steph) in central Sweden.

1975. Erik Neuman: The dynamics of the coastal fish fauna in the Baltic with special reference to temperature.

Tommy Radesäter: Ethological studies on the triumph ceremony of the Canada goose (Branta canadensis L.) - with special reference to ontogeny and causation.

Christer Wiklund: Ecological and evolutionary aspects on the host plant biology of Papilio machaon L.

Christer Solbreck: Flight habits and environment of a seed bug, Lygaeus equestris (L.) (Heteroptera, Lygaeidae).

Finn Sandegren: Social behaviour in the Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) and northern elephant seal (Miroungas angustirostris).

Bo Ekengren: Structural aspects of the Hypothalamo-Hypophysial complex of the roach, Leuciscus rutilus.

Inga-Britt Ahlbert: Organization of the cone cells in the retinae of some teleosts in relation to their feeding habits.

1976. Per Haage: Studies on the Baltic Fucus macrofauna.

Laila Winbladh: Endocrine pancreas in cyclostomes.

Ragnar Elmgren: Baltic benthos communities and the role of the meiofauna.

1977. Eva Norman: Studies on the ecology of the marine woodboring molluscs on the Swedish west coast with special reference to the degradation of wood.

Sven Ankar: The soft bottom ecosystem of the northern Baltic proper with special reference to the macrofauna.

Olle Lindén: Effects of oils and dispersants on the early development of Baltic herring and some invertebrates from the Baltic Sea.

Thorsten Klint: Factors contributing to mate selection in female mallards (Anas platyrhynchos L.) - with particular emphasis on the role of the male nuptial plumage.

Otto Kugelberg: Food relations of a seed feeding insect, Lygaeus equestris (L.) (Heteroptera, Lygaeidae).

Sverre Sjölander: Reproductive behaviour of the divers (Gaviidae).

Peter Öhman: Structure and function of the river lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) retina.

Mats Olsson: Mercury, DDT and PCB in aquatic test organisms. Baseline and monitoring studies, field studies on biomagnification substances harmful to the Swedish environment.

Lars Hernroth: Studies on the population dynamics of zooplankton in the Baltic.

1978. Gunnel Skoog: Aspects on the biology and ecology of Theodoxus fluviatilis (L.) and Lymnea peregra (O. F. Müller) (Gastropoda) in the northern Baltic.

Fredrik Wulff: Ecological studies on Baltic rock pools.

Greta Ågren: Sociosexual behaviour in the Mongolian gerbil Meriones unguiculatus. Interactions between gonadal hormones and social relationships.

1979. Gunnar Aneer: On the ecology of the Baltic herring with special reference to the Askö-Landsort area.

Hans Cederwall: Energy flow and fluctuations of deeper soft bottom macrofauna communities in the Baltic Sea.

1980. Hans Lundberg: Ecology of bumblebees (Hymenoptera Apidae) in a subalpine/alpine area with special reference to food plant and habitat utilization.

Stig Sjöberg: Modelling, simulation, and analysis of pelagic ecosystems with special reference to the Baltic Sea.

Hans Ahnlund: Aspects of the population dynamics of the badger (Meles meles L.).

Annikki Lappalainen: On the ecology of shallow sandy bottoms in the Baltic Sea with special reference to mud snails (Hydrobiidae).

Stellan Hedgren: Ecological aspects of the breeding biology of the guillemot Uria aalge in the Baltic Sea.

Bengt Lindlöf: Some aspects of ecology in hares.

Jan Landin: Habitats, life histories, migration and dispersal by flight in water beetles (Hydrophilidae and Hydraenidae).

Åke Pehrson: Intake and utilization of winter food in the mountain hare (Lepus timidus L.).

1981. Nils Kautsky: On the role of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis L. , in the Baltic ecosystems.

Göran Cederlund: Some aspects of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) winter ecology in Sweden.

1982. Erik Lindström: Population ecology of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes L.) in relation to food supply.

Olavi Grönwall: Aspects of the food ecology of the red squirrel (Sqiurus vulgaris L.).

Tjelvar Odsjö: Eggshell thickness and levels of DDT, PCB and mercury in eggs of osprey (Pandion haliaetus (L.)) and marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus (L.)) in relation to their breeding success and population status in Sweden.

Göran Nordlander: Systematics and phylogeny of an interrelated group of genera within the family Eucoilidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea).

Birgitta Sillén-Tullberg: Behavioural ecology and population dynamics of an aposematic seed bug, Lygaeus equestris L. (Heteroptera, Lygaeidae).

1983. Björn Helander: Reproduction of the white-tailed sea eagle Haliaetus albicilla (L ) in Sweden, in relation to food and residue levels of organochlorine and mercury compounds in the eggs.

Sven O. Kullander: Taxonomic studies on the percoid freshwater fish family Cichlidae in South America.

1984. Per-Olov Larsson: Some characteristics of the Baltic salmon, Salmo salar L., population.

Torbjörn Järvi: On the evolution of inter- and intraspecific communication through natural and sexual selection.

Magnus Enquist: Game theory studies on aggressive behaviour.

Nils-Ove Hilldén: Behavioural ecology of the labrid fishes (Teleostei: Labridae) at Tjärnö on the Swedish west coast.

Helena Obermüller-Wilén: Neuroendocrine studies in the brain of the lancelet, Branchiostoma lanceolatum (Cephalochordata).

Paula Kankaala: On the ecology and productivity of zooplankton in the northern Baltic.

Lars-Åke Janzon: Taxonomical and biological studies of Tephritis species (Diptera) and their parasitoids (Hymenoptera).

1986. Kenneth Lindahl: Endocrinological studies on the young salmon, Salmo salar L., with special reference to smoltification.

Anders Angerbjörn: Population dynamics of mountain hares (Lepus timidus L.) on islands.

Ulf Larsson: The pelagic microheterotrophic food web in the Baltic Sea: Bacteria and their dependence on phytoplankton.

Anders Fernö: Aggressive behaviour between territorial cichlid fish and its regulation.

Staffan Tamm: Behavioural energetics: Acquisition and use of energy by hummingbirds.

1987. Per-Olof Wickman: Mate searching behaviour of Satyrine butterflies.

Erkki Schwanck: Reproductive behaviour of a monogamous cichlid fish Tilapia mariae.

Vidar Øresland: Life cycle feeding of the chaetognaths Sagitta setosa and S. elegans in European shelf waters.

Odd Lindahl: Plankton community dynamics in relation to water exchange in the Gullmar fjord, Sweden.

Sven Jakobsson: Male behaviour in conflicts over mates and territories.

1988. Hans Temrin: Polyterritorial behaviour and polygyny in the wood warbler (Phylloscopus sibilatrix Bechst).

Bertil Widbom: The benthic meiofauna of three coastal areas: Structure, seasonal dynamics and response to environmental perturbations.

Johan Forsberg: Reproductive biology of some pierid butterflies.

Hans Kautsky: Factors structuring phytobenthic communities in the Baltic Sea.

Sven Boström: Morphological and systematic studies of the family Cephalobidae (Nematoda, Rhabditida).

Lars G. Rudstam: Patterns of zooplanktivory in a coastal area of the northern Baltic proper.

Sture Nellbring: Quantitative and qualitative studies of fish in shallow water, northern Baltic proper.

Olof Leimar: Evolutionary analysis of animal fighting.

Lena Svärd: Mating strategies of male butterflies in relation to female fecundity and polyandry.

Gunnar Fredriksson: Thyroid-like systems in endostyles: A study on morphology, function and evolution in "primitive" chordates.

1989. Magnus Rydevik: Smoltification and early sexual maturation in the Baltic salmon, Salmo salar L.

Bengt Karlsson: Fecundity in butterflies: Adaptations and constraints.

Rolf Gydemo: Studies on reproduction and growth in the noble crayfish, Astacus astacus L.

Sture Hansson: Biotic interactions in fish and mysid communities, studies in two Baltic coastal areas.

Brita Sundelin: Ecological effect assessment of pollutants using Baltic benthic organisms.

Fredrik Pleijel: Taxonomy of the Phyllodocidae (Polychaeta).

1990. Lennart Edsman: Territoriality and competition in wall lizards.

Dag Broman: Transport and fate of hydrophobic organic compounds in the Baltic aquatic environment - Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans.

Michael Tedengren: Ecophysiology and pollution sensitivity of Baltic Sea invertebrates.

1991. Sören Nylin: Butterfly life-history adaptations in seasonal environments.

Mats Amundin: Sound production in Odontocetes with emphasis on the harbour porpoise, Phocoena phocoena.

Kerstin Holmberg: Mallard ducks, mate choice and breeding success.

Erland Dannelid: Dental morphology in eurasian shrews of the genus Sorex - aspects on taxonomy, evolution and ecology.

Catherine Hill: Mechanisms influencing the growth, reproduction and mortality of two co-occurring amphipod species in the Baltic sea.

1992. Sif Johansson: Regulating factors for coastal zooplankton community structure in the northern Baltic proper.

Carl André: Settlement of bivalve larvae: the role of larval behaviour predation and hydrodynamics.

Tomas Bollner: Regeneration and development of the nervous system in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis (L.).

Eva Andersson: Neuroendocrine control of reproduction in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus (L.).

Thorleifur Eiriksson: Female response and male singing strategies in two orthopteran species.

1993. Nina Wedell: Evolution of nuptial gifts in bushcrickets.

Björn Forkman: The gathering and use of information in foraging.

C. Tomas Lundquist: Localization and chemical properties of peptides related to galanin and tachykinins in the blowfly nervous system.

1994. Tom Arnbom: Maternal investment in male and female offspring in the southern elephant seal.

Anders Brodin: Time aspects on food hoarding in the willow tit - an evolutionary perspective.

Gisela Holm: The tree-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus L. in ecotoxicological test systems.

Cecilia Lindblad: Perturbation of functions in shallow benthic ecosystems.

1995. Ulrik Kautsky: Ecosystem processes in coastal areas of the Baltic Sea.

Kjell Wahlström: Natal dispersal in roe deer - an evolutionary perspective.

Per Berggren: Stocks, status and survival of harbour porpoises in swedish waters.

Anders Modig: Social behaviour and reproductive success in southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina).

1996. Michael Gilek: Bioaccumulation and cycling of hydrophobic organic contaminants by Baltic Sea blue mussels.

Elin Sigvaldadottir: Systrematics of Spionidae and Prionospio (Polychaeta).

Anders Silfvergrip: A systematic revision of the neotropical catfish genus Rhamdia (Teleostei, Pimelodidae).

Agneta Johansson: Territorial dynamics and marking behaviour in male roe deer.

Eric Muren: Tachykinin-related neuropeptides in the Madeira cockroach: structures distributions and actions.

1997. Niklas S. Mattson: Fish production and ecology in african small water bodies with emphasis on Tilapia.

Thord Fransson: Time and energy in long distance bird migration.

Birgitta Johansson: Oxygen deficiency and the ecology of Baltic macrobenthos.

Johan Axelman: Biological, physico-chemical and biogeochemical dynamics of hydrophobic organic compounds.

Marie Arnér: Organisms and food webs in rock pools: Responses to environmental stress and trophic manipulation. 

Pete Hurd: Game theoretical perspectives on conflict and biological communication.

Erik Wilsson: Maternal effects on behaviour of juvenile and adult dogs.

Magnus Tannerfeldt: Population fluctuations and life history consequences in the arctic fox.

Kristjan Lilliendahl: Fattening strategies in wintering passerines.

Björn Birgersson: Maternal investment in male and female offspring in the fallow deer.

Bohdan Sklepkovych: Kinship and conflict: resource competition in a proto-cooperative species: The Siberian Jay.

1998. Simon G.M. Ndaro: Ecological aspects of soft bottom meiofauna in Eastern Africa.

Efthimia Antonopoulou: Feedback control of reproduction in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, male parr.

Petra Wallberg: Distribution and fate of polychlorinated biphenyls within the pelagic microbial food web.

Carl Rolff: Stable isotope studies of contaminant and material transport in Baltic pelagic food-webs.

Marcus Öhman: Aspects of habitat and disturbance effects on tropical reef-fish communities.

Cecilia Kullberg: Behaviour under predation risk in birds.

Thomas Lyrholm: Sperm whales: Social organization and global genetic structure.

Min-Yung Kim: Neuropeptides related to tachykinins and leucokinins in the developing nervous system of insects.

Salim M. Mohammed: Nutrient dynamics and exchanges between a mangrove forest and a coastal embayment: Chwaka Bay, Zanzibar.

Gunilla Ejdung: Predatory processes in Baltic benthos.

Virpi Sjöberg-Lindfors: Butterfly life history and mating systems.

1999. Karl Gotthard: Life history analysis of growth strategies in temperate butterflies.

Niklas Janz: Ecology and evolution of butterfly host plant range.

Staffan Jakobsson: Target organs for androgens in two teleost fishes, Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, and three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus.

Anna Thessing: Genetic and environmental factors influencing growth and survival in willow tits Parus montanus.

Kenneth Ekvall: Alloparental care and social dynamics in the fallow deer (Dama dama).

Gunilla Ericson: 32P-postlabelling analysis of DNA adducts in fish as a biomarker of genotoxic exposure.

Karin Maria Björkman: Nutrient dynamics in the North Pacific subtropical gyre: Phosphorus fluxes in the upper oligotrophic ocean.

2000. Olle Israelsson: Xenoturbella.

Carl-Adam Wachtmeister: The evolution of courtship rituals.

Cecilia Bornestaf: Mechanisms in the photoperiodic control of reproduction in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus.

Olle Brick: Risk assessement and contest behaviour in the Cichlid fish, Nannacara anomala.

Gabriella Gamberale-Stille: On the evolution and function of aposematic coloration.

Helene Modig: Responses of Baltic soft-bottom invertebrates to settled organic material.

2001. Tomislav Vladic: Gonad and ejaculate allocation in alternative reproductive tactics of Salmon and Trout with reference to sperm competition.

Susanne Stenius: Cooperation and conflict during reproduction in polyterritorial wood warblers (Phylloscopus sibilatrix).

Ruben Tastàs-Duque: Studies of Cecidomyiidae (Diptera).

Sven Burreau: On the uptake and biomagnification of PCBs and PBDEs in fish and aquatic food chains.

Åsa Winther: Distribution and actions of insect tachykinin-related peptides.

Fang Fang Kullander: Phylogeny and species diversity of the South and Southeast Asian cyprinid genus Danio Hamilton (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).

Magnus G. S. Persson: Distribution and modulatory action of neuropeptides in the insect ventral nerve cord.

Minna Miettinen: Egg carrying in the golden egg bug.

Stefano Gihrlanda: Towards a theory of stimulus control.

Annkristin H. Axén: Behaviour of Lycaenid butterfly larvae in their mutualistic interactions with ants.

2002. Patrik Lindenfors: Phylogenetic analyses of sexual size dimorphism.

Patrik Börjesson: Geographical variation and resource use in harbour porpoises.

Michael Norén: Phylogeny and classification of prolecithophoran flatworms.

Johan Liljeblad: Phylogeny and evolution of gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)

Ulf S. Johansson: Clades in the "higher land bird assemblage"

2003. Ulf Norberg: Evolution of dispersal and habitat exploration in butterflies.

Johan Lind: Adaptive body regulation in the life history of birds.

Olle Karlsson: Population structure, movements and site fidelity of grey seals in the Baltic Sea.

Helena A D Johard: Neuropeptide signaling in insects: peptide binding sites, tachykinin receptors and SNAP-25

Bodil Elmhagen: Interference competition between arctic and red foxes.

Henrik Lange: Social dominance and agonistic communication in the great tit.

Anna Hellqvist: The brain-pituitary-gonadal axis and gonadotropic hormones in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus acculeatus.

Anders Bignert: Biological aspects and statistical methods to improve assessments in environmental monitoring.

Julia Carlström: Bycatch, conservation and echolocation of harbour porpoises.

Kenth Svartberg: Personality in dogs.

Susanna Hall: Moult strategies in relation to migration in long-distance migrants

Miklós Páll: Role of 11-ketotestosterone and prolaction in the control of reproductive behaviour in the male three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus.

Bo Delling: Species diversity and phylogeny of Salmo with emphasis on southern trouts (Teleostei, Salmonidae).

Karolina Westlund: On post-confilict affiliation in humans and other primates - methodological considerations.

Malin Ah-King: Phylogenetic analyses of parental care evolution.

2004. Jonas Bergström: The evolution of mating rates in Pieris napi

Jörgen Ullberg: Dispersal in free-living, marine, benthic nematodes: passive or active processes?

Eva Stensland: Behavioural ecology of Indo-Pacific bottlenose and humpback dolphins.

Helena Strömberg: Benthic cryptofauna and internal bioeroders on coral reefs.

Liselotte Jansson: Evolution of signal form.

Martin Irestedt: Molecular systematics of the antbird-ovenbird comples. (Aves: Furnariida)

Jesper Nyström: Predator - prey interactions of raptors in an arctic community.

Ola Svensson: Sexual selection in Pomatoschistus - nests, sperm competition, and paternal care.

2005. Anders Bergström: Oviposition strategies in butterflies and consequences for conservation.

Helena Elofsson: Speerm motility in Gasterosteiform fishes. The role of salinity and ovarian fluid.

Fredrik Stjernholm: Allocation of body resources to reproduction in butterflies.

Fredrik Dalerum: Sociality in a solitary carnivore, the wolverine.

Ana Beramendi: Morphological and functional studies on the Drosophila neuromuscular system during postembryonic stages.

Georg H. Nygren: Latitudinal patterns in butterfly life history and host plant choice.

Love Dalén: Distribution and abundance of genetic variation in the arctic fox.

Ulrika Kaby: Attacking predators and fleeing prey: detection, escape and targeting behaviour in birds.

2006. Yasutaka Hamasaka: Multiple neurotransmitter inputs modulate circadian clock neurons in Drosophila.

Rasmus Hovmöller: Molecular phylogenetics and taxonomic issues in dragonfly systematics (Insecta: Odonata)

Adrian Vallin: On the protective value of conspicuous eyespots in Lepidoptera.

Ryan Tyge Birse: Tachykinin-related peptide signaling and its role in metabolic stress in Drosophila.

Lissåker Maria: Paternal care, filial cannibalism and sexual conflict in the sand goby, Pomatoschistus minutus.

2007. Ulrika Alm Bergvall: Food choice in fallow deer - experimental studies of selectivity.

Petra Souter: Causes and consequences of spatial genetic variation in two species of scleractinian coral in East Africa.

Hanne Løvlie: Pre- and post-copulatory sexual selection in the fowl, Gallus gallus.

Kajsa Garpe: Effects of habitat structure on tropical fish assemblages.

Erica Sjölin: Tubificids with trifid chaetae: morphology and phylogeny of Heterodrilus (Clitellata, Annelida)

2008. Enfjäll Karin: Mobility and emigration in butterflies.

Berger David: Body size evolution in butterflies.

Dehghani Reihaneh: Aspects of carnivoran evolution in Africa.

Ohlson I. Jan: Molecular phylogeny of tyrant flycatchers, cotingas, manakins and their allies (Aves: Tyrannida)

Weingartner Elisabeth: Phylogenetic perspective on host plant use, colonization and speciation in butterflies.

Mehnert Kerstin: Circadian plasticity in the neuromuscular junction of Drosophila melanogaster.

Larsson Lena: disentangling small genetic differences in large Atlantic herring populations: comparing genetic markers and statistical poweer.

2009. Pena Carlos: Evolutionary history of the butterfly subfamily Satyrinae (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

Almbro Maria: Excape flight in butterflies.

Hallgren Stefan: Aromatase in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata Distribution, control and role in behaviour.

Mwandaya Augustine: Fish community patterns in Tanzanian mangrove creeks.

Envall Ida: Evolutionary Perspectives on Naidinae (Annelida, Clitellata, Naididae): Molecular and Morphological Revelations.

Henshaw Ian: Avian migration: the role of geomagnetic cues.

Balogh Alexandra: Predator psychology and mimicry evolution - a theoretical analysis.

Kodandaramaiah Ullasa: The dispersal-vicariance pendulum and butterfly biogeography.

Dimitrova Marina: Life at stake when playing hide and seek.

Friberg Magne: The evolutionary ecology of niche separation.

Wilhelmsson Dan: Aspects of offshore renewable energy and the alterations of marine habitats.

2010. Amir Omar: Biology, ecology and anthropogenic threats of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in east Africa.

Malm Tobias: Climbing the Trichoptera Tree - Investigations of Branches and Leaves.

Nyström Veronica: Studies of declining populations - temporal genetic analyses of two arctic mammals.

Espeland Marianne: Diversification on an ancient Darwinian island.

Kahsai Tesfai Lily: Distribution and modulatory roles of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters in the Drosophila brain.

Palmé Anna: Assessing and monitoring genetic patterns for conservation purposes with special emphasis on Scandinavia.

Liao Te-Yu: A phylogenetic analysis of rasborin fishes (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).

Norén Karin: Genetic structure in the North - population connectivity and social organization in the Arctic fox.

2011. Andersson Mathias: Offshore wind farms - ecological effects of noise and habitat alteration on fish.

Bergman Martin: The evolution of territoriality in butterflies.

Enell Lina: Chemical signalling in the Drosophila brain.

Aronsson Hanna: On sexual imprinting in humans.

Kolodziejczyk Agata: Chemical circuitry in the visual system of the fruitfly, Drosophila melanogaster.

Särnblad Hansson Anna: Ecology and genetic population structure of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in East Africa.

Yahya Saleh: Habitat structure, degradation and management effects on coral reef fish communities.

Söderberg Jeannette: Neuropeptides and GABA in control of insulin producing cells in Drosophila.

Johansen Aleksandra: Seasonal change in defensive coloration in a shieldbug.

Charlier Johan: Monitoring gene level biodiversity - aspects and considerations in the context of conservation.

Tobias Kånneby: Gastrotricha of Sweden - Biodiversity and Phylogeny.

2012. Lina Söderlind: Life history consequences of host plant choice in the comma butterfly.

Magnus Gelang: Babblers, Biogeography and Bayesian Reasoning.

Jessica Slove Davidson: The plasticity and geography of host use and the diversification of butterflies.

Marianne Aronsson: Colour patterns in warning displays.

Yi Ta Shao: The brain-pituitary-gonadal axis of the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus.

Neval Kapan: Regulation of insulin producing cells, stress responses and metabolism in Drosophila.

Helena Larsdotter Mellström: Life history evolution in a bivoltine butterfly.

2013 Tomas Meijer: To survive and reproduce in a cyclic environment - demography and conservation of the Arctic fox in Scandinavia.

Martin Olofsson: Antipredator defence in butterflies.

Julia Stigenberg: Hidden Creatures - systematics of the Euphorinae (Hymenoptera).

Emma Lind: Genetic responce to pollution in sticklebacks; natural selection in the wild.

Oskar Henriksson: Genetic connectivity of fish in the Western Indian Ocean.

George Sangster: Integravite taxonomy of birds: Studies into the nature, origin and delimitation of species.

Jiangnan Luo: Regulation of insulin signaling and its developmental and functional roles on peptidergic neurons in the Drosophila central nervous system.

2014 Mija Jansson: Assessing inbreeding and loss of genetic variation in canids, domestic dog (Canis familiaris) and wolf (Canis lupus), using pedigree data.

Marianne Pasanen Mortensen: Anthropogenic impact on predator guilds and ecosystem processes - Apex predator extinctions, land use and climate change.

Peter Hellström: Predator responses to non-stationary rodent cycles.

Inger Haugen: The diapause switch - Evolution of alternative developmental pathways in a butterfly.

Inga Meyer-Wachsmuth: Through the magnifying glass - The big small world of marine meiofauna.

Eleftheria Palkopoulou: Genetic structure, demographic change and extinction dynamics in the collared lemming and woolly mammoth.

2015 Karolina Tegélaar: Dynamics of the aphid-ant mutualism.

Diana Posledovich: Effects of climate on phenological synchrony between butterflies and their host plants.

Rasa Bukontaite: Evolution of the Biodiversity Hotspot of Madagascar from the Eye of Diving Beetles - Phylogeny, colonization and speciation.

Hélène Audusseau: Effect of climate and land use on niche utilization and distribution of nettle-feeding butterflies.

Johanna Hedlund: Climate change effects on migratory birds and on the ecology and behaviour of the willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus).

2016 Kristin Löwenborg Di Marino: Nesting ecology of the grass snake (Natrix natrix) and its implications for conservation.

Yiting Liu: Morphological and functional effects of insulin signaling and the bHLH transcription factor Dimmed on different neuron types in Drosophila.

Robert Stach: Migratory routes and stopover behaviour in avian migration.

Jonas Strandberg: Taking a Bite out of Diversity - Taxonomy and systematics of biting midges.

Erik Ersmark: Large carnivore population turnover and ecological change during the Late Quaternary.

Alexander Schäpers: Evolutionary and mechanistic aspects of insect host plant preference.

Vendela Kempe Lagerholm: Animal movement on short and long time scales and the effect on genetic diversity in cold-adapted species.

Marianne Haage: Conservation, personality and ecology of the European mink (Mustela lutreola).



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