Systematic zoology

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Systematic zoology

The division for Systematics and Evolution is located at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

Our latest publications

Lee Koren, Devorah Matas, Patrícia Pečnerová, Love Dalén, Alexei Tikhonov, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Katherine E. Wynne-Edwards, Eli Geffen. 2018. Testosterone in ancient hair from an extinct species. Palaeontology 61: 797-802.

Nicolas Dussex, Johanna von Seth, Bruce C. Robertson, Love Dalen. 2018. Full Mitogenomes in the Critically Endangered Kakapo Reveal Major Post-Glacial and Anthropogenic Effects on Neutral Genetic Diversity. Genes 9.

Fredrik Dalerum, S. Freire, Anders Angerbjörn, N. Lecomte, A. Lindgren, Tomas Meijer, Patricia Pečnerová, Love Dalén. 2018. Exploring the diet of arctic wolves (Canis lupus arctos) at their northern range limit. Canadian Journal of Zoology 96: 277-281.

Emma Wahlberg, Kjell Arne Johanson. 2018. Molecular phylogenetics reveals novel relationshipswithin Empidoidea (Diptera). Systematic Entomology 43: 619-636.

Patrícia Pečnerová. 2018. Genomic analysis of the process leading up to the extinction of the woolly mammoth. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.


Head of division: Ulf Jondelius

Staff: Systematic zoology

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