Systematic zoology

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Systematic zoology

The division for Systematics and Evolution is located at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

Our latest publications

Jeanette Stålstedt. 2017. Phylogeny, taxonomy and species delimitation of water mites and velvet mites. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Jeanette Stålstedt, Andreas Wohltmann, Johannes Bergsten, Joanna Mąkol. 2016. Towards resolving the double classification in Erythraeus (Actinotrichida: Erythraeidae): matching larvae with adults using 28S sequence data and experimental rearing. Organisms Diversity & Evolution 16: 761-790.

Sibylle Häggqvist. 2016. Charting biodiversity - Scuttle flies and other poorly known insects in Sweden. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Patricia Pecnerova, David Diez-del-Molino, Sergey Vartanyan, Love Dalén. 2016. Changes in variation at the MHC class II DQA locus during the final demise of the woolly mammoth. Scientific Reports 6.

Vendela Kempe Lagerholm. 2016. Animal movement on short and long time scales and the effect on genetic diversity in cold-adapted species. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Eleftheria Palkopoulou, Mateusz Baca, Natalia I. Abramson, Mikhail Sablin, Pawel Socha, Adam Nadachowski, Stefan Prost, Mietje Germonpre, Pavel Kosintsev, Nickolay G. Smirnov, Sergey Vartanyan, Dmitry Ponomarev, Johanna Nyström, Pavel Nikolskiy, Christopher N. Jass, Yuriy N. Litvinov, Daniela C. Kalthoff, Semyon Grigoriev, Tatyana Fadeeva, Aikaterini Douka, Thomas F. G. Higham, Erik Ersmark, Vladimir Pitulko, Elena Pavlova, John R. Stewart, Piotr Weglenski, Anna Stankovic, Love Dalén. 2016. Synchronous genetic turnovers across Western Eurasia in Late Pleistocene collared lemmings. Global Change Biology 22: 1710-1721.