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Wouter van der Bijl



Zoologiska institutionen: Etologi
08-15 95 22
Svante Arrheniusväg 18 B
D 522
Stockholms universitet
Zoologiska institutionen: Etologi
106 91 Stockholm


My current work is on understanding some of the selection pressures involved in vertebrate brain evolution. What are the costs and benefits of having a large brain? What specific behavioral advantages do large-brained individuals have? I use guppies that have been artificially selected for relative brain size and compare the behavior of small and large-brained fish. This helps us understand what larger brained individuals are good at.

My focus is mostly on tasks in a direct ecological context

My current focus is on relating social cognition to brain size, such as social learning, social recognition and memory and contest resolution. I have also done experiments on predator responses of these fish, such as predator inspections and risk taking behavior.

I'm interested in using strong quantitative analysis of animal behavior, such as video tracking and social networks.

I also do some work in R. I've written/am writing:
- The 'phylopath' package for phylogenetic path analysis. It's currently on CRAN.
- The 'trackr' package for analysis and visualization of video tracking data. It's currently in development, and can be found on GitHub.



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Övrigt vetenskapligt

Wouter van der Bijl. 2018. Why and how brain size evolves - Sociality, predation and allometry. Doctoral thesis. Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Wouter van der Bijl, Masahito Tsuboi, Andrew N. Iwaniuk, Niclas Kolm. Prey-predator interactions and the evolution of bird brain morphology.

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Wouter van der Bijl, Alexander Kotrschal, Séverine D. Buechel, Niclas Kolm. Cognitive ability and antagonistic social competence: contest duration depends on loser’s brain size.