Ulrika Alm Bergvall

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Ulrika Alm Bergvall

Forskare, Docent

Everything that involves ungulates or animal behaviour fascinates me. My research interests span from ungulate foraging behaviour to animal personality.


Zoologiska institutionen: Etologi
08-16 41 33
08-16 77 15
Svante Arrheniusväg 18 B
D 512a
Stockholms universitet
Zoologiska institutionen: Etologi
106 91 Stockholm


The interactions between plants and herbivores are among the most important and intriguing in nature and the scientific field of plant-herbivore interactions is rapidly developing. In my current FORMAS funded project I investigate foraging psychology and small to medium scale foraging decisions in fallow deer (Dama dama), red deer (Cervus elaphus) and moose (Alces alces). I spent my VR financed postdoc time at the Department of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and after that I spent some years at Grimsö Wildlife research station, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). I have been involved in animal personality research in Fallow deer, Rabbit, European Mink and Roe deer. At the moment I’m also involved in a large project (RåFäst, P. Kjellander, Grimsö) about roe deer, ticks, rodents and tick-borne diseases including people from several disciplines from Linköping, SVA, Public Health Agency of Sweden, among others. I’m also a member of the EURODEER group (http://www.eurodeer.org/), collaborating with European Roe deer researchers. I also work for Grimsö, SLU, as a coordinator for The Swedish Environmental protection Agency with testing new traps for wildlife. I teach at several courses in Ethology (basic to master level) at Stockholm University just because it is fun.



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